Are You Eating Your Future Away?

2 min readDec 15, 2021


Yes, we know the comfort that comes with swiping your cards and filling your belly when it comes to eating out. While we understand that eating at restaurants is often a time to cool off, meet with loved ones and fill one’s belly, have you ever sat down to calculate the financial implication of this comfort? Is it coming at a huge expense?

What we are here to help you establish is this — Has eating out been eating away your pockets.

You probably have never addressed the issue consciously. A particular user once discovered after tracking his expenses for the month, that he spent up to 50% of his income on feeding. Not because he was eating a lot, but because he was mostly eating out. He tried having home cooked meals consistently for two weeks and discovered he spent only 10% of his income to feed his belly. This is less than half of his usual feeding expense. This does not mean he was eating less or unhealthy. Instead, he was making the most use of his income.

It is okay to include eating out in your eating plan once in a while. If it amounts to a bulk of your income, then you have a problem at hand.

Here’s what we are challenging you to do — examine your expenses. Your belly might just be what’s standing in the way of hitting your financial goals.

At Stax we encourage you to spend on enjoyment, but have a budget for it. We want you to have a #BrokeFree2022 that’s the hashtag. So, have create a budget for takeouts and home-cooked meals this December.

And next time you need to pay for takeout or dine-in, use your Stax app.

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Happy Holidays Staxxer!




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