Are You Ready for Detty December?

2 min readDec 15, 2021

Hello Staxxer,

If you are African, you have probably heard of Detty December and if you haven’t here’s a definition from Urban Dictionary loosely paraphrased:

Detty December:

A time in December especially in Lagos, Nigeria when you spend lots of money and party with all your might to make up for the hard work you’ve put in from January till November. Themes involve concerts, vacations, party and stuff.

December is here! The month of festivities, enjoyment and BONUSES! We know that the joy of festivities creates a conducive environment for spending because it’s the season to be jolly, but “jolly” costs money. This makes January feel super long, as though there are 45 days of January. By January 2, 2022, your account balance may be red and it might feel like a super long ride to payday!

So we have a better idea to ensure Detty December doesn’t do you dirty.

Transfer the amount you need to have a comfortable January to a separate account and try not to touch it.

You can use Stax to transfer between your accounts seamlessly. We know Stax makes it easy for you to send money to yourself, so we advise that you remove that account from your Stax account for December and add it back in January.

Don’t say you will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late. Don’t say you don’t have have internet or your bank app is not opening or you can’t remember the USSD code to transfer money out of your account for January. Stax lets you send money offline and you don’t need your bank app or USSD codes to use Stax. So transfer January money out of your spending account and keep it somewhere safe. Then transfer it back in January.

We wish you a broke-free 2022 and an amazing Detty December.

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