August + September Stax Roundup

5 min readOct 11, 2021

Hello Staxxer,

Blessing here! I am sure Peace has told you only nice things about me. If you missed out on Peace’s sweet words about me, read our July Roundup.

This month’s roundup is a 2 in 1 roundup. A compilation of the amazing things Stax and Staxxers accomplished in August and September.

Let’s start with August.


We surpassed 50K downloads!

We tuned up our Playstore interface and updated it with new descriptive images and videos. Check out our playstore page here.

We dined with Staxxers

In August, we got to dine with Staxxers in Nigeria and Ghana physically. It was so much fun. We ate, talked about life and their experience with Stax. They got to speak to their favorite Stax team members physically and virtually. We think we should have more across all the countries we are present in. What country should we visit next? Tell us in the comment section.

Dine with Stax

We made Stax better for you

We prioritized making the product better for you, so here’s what’s New, Improved, and Coming Soon.

New: We added 21 new services to Stax, added USSD library under Settings, added an offline badge that shows when a Staxxer is offline, designed a new onboarding flow to inspire you to connect all your accounts at once during your first minutes after downloading the app.

Improved: We made it easier to find recipient contact and select account when buying airtime and sending money, improved transaction reliability for several Nigerian services, and definitely squashed some UI/functionality bugs!

Coming Soon: We are working very hard to support multiple accounts within the same bank, fulfill a Stax payment request on any mobile browser, support Amharic language and help you pay more bills.

Now to September!

September was filled with so many wins!

We got selected to participate in the DFS Lab’s Blockchain Bootcamp in collaboration with Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), where one of our prototype features was deemed ready-to-launch!. Big shout out to Tobi, Kombo, and Ben! The superheroes who made this win happen!

We hit an all-time high of organic comments on a post on Instagram, and our Twitter has been buzzing! To contribute to our future all-time highs, follow us on Instagram and Twitter and engage with our content.

September has literally been a growth season for us! We cleared out inactive followers on Instagram and had a fresh start. We are almost at 400 followers already! So exciting.

We made Stax even better

New: We added ten services in Ghana and Ethiopia, made it easier to quickly retry failed transactions and see exactly what happened in the USSD session after you transact. We also made it possible to access Money Mapper by signing in to your Google account.

Improved: We updated transaction statuses to be more informative, made the permission prompt easier to understand, expanded the balance list after check balance is completed, and expanded the transaction history to now show successful, pending, and failed move money transactions (Request money feature users totally love this). In addition, we fixed the crashes caused by the Zenith Bank Check Balance feature, and we fixed the bug preventing a few people from accessing Money Mapper bounties.

Just in case you have ever wondered why we ask for permission when you download our app, please read this.

Coming Soon: We are working very hard to support multiple accounts within the same bank, fulfill a Stax payment request on any mobile browser, support Amharic language and help you pay more bills.

Money mappers would love this:

Wangu, our senior UX researcher, delved deeper into money mappers this month and reported 46 services added via money mappers across seven countries since May. We have over 154 money mappers on the platform with a $30 average earned per mapper. Learn how to become a money mapper if you are excited about this news.

From this research, we learned so much! To improve our money mapper’s experience, we intend to share money mapper FAQs, share more specific bounty statuses, make it easier to sign in with Google, automate payments, show total earned and bounty history and we are heavily considering a referral and rewards program where money mapper can earn rewards for transacting with friends on Stax.

Forces working together:

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together! The team has been a reflection of this. First, a powerful force — Justin Scherer, our Head of Design, just transitioned out of Hover after two fulfilling years! It was the emotional send-forth ever! If you are reading this, Justin, we love you.

Another powerful force, a fantastic designer — Itunuoluwa Ayanfe, just joined our team. She’ll be handling all brand and marketing designs, and we are feeling pumped about her presence.

Every single one of us is doing the best we can with all our forces working TOGETHER. We feel inspired that Stax has no choice but to grow!

We’re hiring:

We are recruiting for one role this month, to catalyze the growth of financial inclusion in Africa. We’re hiring for:

Wondering why you need Stax? Watch this:

Miss Techy (Tobi Ayeni) did a fantastic job visualizing Stax like this.

If you can relate to anything Miss Techy said in this video, or you just blatantly like enjoyment and hate stress, then you should definitely download Stax.




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