Make Money On Stax by Mapping USSD Flows

3 min readJun 11, 2021


Across 10 countries, Stax currently supports 39 Bank / Mobile Money Services for checking balances, buying airtime and sending money. Amazing right? Oh there’s even more!

Within the next 10 weeks, we intend to quadruple the number of services active on Stax. That’s right! We are going to add 100+ new services and open at least 4 new countries on Stax.

From ABSA Bank, GTBank, Stanbic Bank in Uganda, to MTN MoMo & Orange Money in Côte d’Ivoire; Ecobank, Mobicash, Moov Money, Orange Money in Mali; Rubies Bank, Vbank, mCash, Stanbic Bank, Union Bank in Nigeria; MTN, Capitec Bank, Vodacom Mpesa in South Africa; to Consolidated Bank, TransNational Bank, KCB, Housing Finance Company; National Bank in Kenya, to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and many more, until we hit 100+ new services across 10 countries in total.

We are even going to start rolling out bill payment services like BuyPower and DSTV in Nigeria.

How do we plan to do this?

With your help of course!

At Stax, one of our values is open source. We believe in building not just in public but also with the public — with you; and that’s why we have opened up our money mapping feature to everyone.

Fundamentally, Stax is able to dial and navigate the USSD platforms of financial institutions on your behalf without you needing to remember or type in long codes. It abstracts the USSD process that does the transaction behind an eye-catching, easy-to-use interface.

This is an amazing technology and for it to work, we need to know all the USSD codes of all the services in Africa and how they work for different types of transactions. We then map out the flows so that Stax can use them on your behalf when you want to move money.

For example: I use GTB and the USSD code for GTB is *737#. When I dial *737#, there’s a list I have to choose from and depending on what my input is another list comes in and on and on. This is the USSD flow.

We identify (map) this flow and then automate it for you .

How do you come in?

We want you to build with us by helping us map the USSD flow for the services you already use in your country, and for every flow you map, you will get paid up to $10. If you map 10 flows, that $100.

Build Stax with us and get paid for it - Easy peazy!

See video walkthrough below:

Jess, our amazing Head of Product, made a video to walk you through how to map a USSD flow.

Before you start mapping, you’d need to give us your email address so we can reach out to you on how you want to get paid (via bank transfer, crypto or barter). In addition, if you are using Stax for the first time, we’d ask for some permissions. Read all about Stax Permissions here.

Starting from today, we will release at least 10 flows that you can map every single day. So if you download/open Stax and don’t see a service you can map; no worries, just check back tomorrow and every day after that!

Don’t make money alone — Please tell you friends across Africa about money mapping on Stax.

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