Phone Permissions on Stax

4 min readMay 24, 2021


Stax is that app that allows you go about your day like a boss.

With Stax, you can move money without stress; you can link all your bank and mobile accounts (that’s right, ALL), and send money and buy airtime from them on Stax. You can also check all your account balances and transaction history at once.

Soon, we’d add bill payments to the mix :D.

Once you download Stax and link your accounts, you can start moving money immediately. No sign up required!

However, we do ask for some permissions. These permissions allow us give you the most seamless experience and enables offline payments, so you can go about your day with peace of mind that no internet connection with stop your hustle!

In this article, I’d explain the different permissions we need from you on your device and why there are important to your experience as a Stax user.

Note: Stax is completely safe & secure.

We only ask you for these permissions ONCE and only use it when you are actively on the app, trying to move money or check your account balances.

We value your privacy and security so much and we will never misuse these permissions. You can also turn it off at anytime.


We need phone permissions to be able to detect your SIM and show you the bank or MoMo services available on Stax for your country.

In addition, to ensure you spend less time and effort using Stax, the phone and sms permissions enables you to select recipients from your contacts when sending airtime or money, and they also help us detect via sms receipt that your transactions are successful.


We want you to enjoy the most seamless experience when moving money offline or online and to do that, Stax dials and navigates USSD platforms on your behalf.

This way you won’t need to remember or type in long codes when you use Stax, instead, we create an overlay to show you the transaction progress. Beneath that overlay, Stax dials the right USSD flows in the background of your phone. This is why we need the overlay and accessibility permission.

Photo 1 = the overlay that shows. | Photo 2&3 the ussd flow we navigate on your behalf. This shows in your transaction history after every transaction.

Do we actually take full control over your phone?

No we don’t!

Beyond what is listed above, we do not get or use any other data on your phone. You can also turn off the permissions at anytime.

Stax is going to be synonymous with ease.

video walkthrough of each permission screen

When you think about all the ways you can move money offline or online without stress, we want you to think about Stax and to do that, we have to automate a few things for you — hence permissions, but in a safe, secure and inclusive way, every time. We promise!

Feel free to email us or send a DM on Twitter (@joinstax) if you have questions.




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